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Your registration details are extremely important as they will ensure your luggage is returned to you in a timely and efficient manner.

A mobile telephone number and email address are essential means of contact. Baggage handlers and lost luggage officials will notify you via SMS text message and email of the location of your luggage. They will send instructions on who to contact to recover your case from anywhere in the world. If you prefer not to have your home address recorded in the database a work address or other place of contact can be given. Airport

Tags are suitable for all types of luggage including briefcases, laptop bags, sports and golf bags, musical instrument cases and rucksacks.

Rest assured your personal details are safely and securely stored on Immobilise.com and made available only to law enforcement agencies, major lost property services and airport baggage handling organisations across the globe as a means of reuniting you with your luggage.

Please remember to update your personal details in the event of a change of telephone number or address. Your account username is your email address and should you forget your password you can request a reminder through the www.immobilise.com site.

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