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PC/Laptop Computer Registration

Information on how to register your computer
on Immobilise

Diagram 1

PCs and Laptop Computers are often registered on Immobilise and only take a few minutes to get set up. All you need is your computer's make, model, serial number and optionally a few photographs.

If your registering a laptop gently turn it upside down and examine the laptop for the serial number. The exact position of the serial number will vary but most will be found on a label on the underside of the unit (See diagram, right). If you're registering a workstation you'll typically find the serial number on the side or back usually where the cords and sockets can be found. The label itself usually has a black or grey background with white or black inset text. The actual serial number will normally be labelled with the words "Serial No."

If you are unsure on where to find the serial number then the manufacturer should be able to advise you.

Diagram 2

To register your PC or Laptop simply go to the home page on Immobilise.com and create an account.* Simply follow the on-screen instructions (An email address is required).

* If you already have an account sign-in and add another item to your account (Go to step 3, second paragraph)

Diagram 3

Once inside your Immobilise account you will be prompted to add your first item by clicking the button "Add your first Inventory item".

Button If you already have an Immobilise account and are signed-in click the box on the left hand side "Add a new inventory item" to start the registration of your PC or Laptop (Shown left).

Diagram 4

Your new item has been created, however it will not become active in your account inventory until you make a change to the item information. Button

Your "New Item" is set to "All Other Items" by default (shown left) Edit the "Item type" by clicking the edit button (As shown right)

Now select the Mobile Phone icon from the list. Laptop IconOnce you've selected the PC/Laptop icon you will be automatically returned to the item summary with the "Item type" updated.

Diagram 5

In the box underneath referred to as "Item Detail" click the corresponding "Edit" button (as before) and provide the details of your PC/Laptop's "Make", "Model", "Purchase Date", "Item Cost" and "Description". Click save and the details will be added.

Diagram 6

In the "Identifiers" box you can add the serial number for the laptop along with any other identification numbers. For example if you've written the postcode on with a UV pen you could add that, or if the laptop has a 3G mobile wireless connection then you can register the IMEI number of it. Make sure when doing this that you do not prefix the numbers with any terms such as "serial" or "IMEI" and be sure to click save after each one you add.

Diagram 7

If you have any photographs, purchase receipts or other relevant documents such as an Insurance certificate you can add these here but please note the system will only accept Jpeg file types under 2mb in size.

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