Forensic marking to protect your home and contents

Protect your property with ImmobiDot

What is ImmobiDot?

ImmobiDot is a discreet property identification product and the latest addition to Immobilise marking products. ImmobiDot allows you to mark your possessions with a uniquely coded microdot solution which can then be recorded on the Immobilise Property Register.


How does it work?

Each bottle of ImmobDot contains a solution made from small digitally coded microdots only 1mm in diameter. The unique code on each dot as well as being UV detectable makes it easy for the police to locate the owner of any lost or stolen property they recover.

Microdot illustration

ImmobiDot works on any dry clean surface and can be used on items that may not already have a unique identifier such as antiques, picture frames, furniture, musical instruments, or as an extra precaution on electronics. Once the property has been marked with the dots then the property should be recorded on Immobilise using the ImmobiDot code as the identifier to each item. It is a good idea to attach a photograph of the item as well. Included in the pack are stickers that can be displayed to alert potential burglars that your property is marked.

Benefits of ImmobiDot

Detects: ImmobiDot is easy for the police to detect, as they actively look for any sign of forensic coding on items they recover and use the NMPR to search for items and their owners on Immobilise. Any item forensically coded with ImmobiDot is connected with its owner once registered on Immobilise making it easy for the police to secure convictions.

Deters: When thieves see your home and possessions are forensically marked and registered on Immobilise, targeting your property becomes high risk for them as the chances of being caught and convicted increase dramatically!

Protects: ImmobiDot helps protect the well-being of your possessions, your home and your family by helping reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime and increasing the chances of your valued possessions being identified and returned in the event the do go missing.


Each ImmobiDot pack contains:

  • 1 x Tube of Microdots with Applicator
  • 10 x Uniquely Coded Hologramme Tamper Evident Labels
  • 2 x Window Stickers
  • 20 x Forensic Warning Labels
  • 1 x Instruction Leaflet
ImmobiDot Microdot Security Marking System Only £34.95

Instructions on Use

1. Apply warning labels

Even if you do not have time to apply ImmobiDot at the moment, apply the warning labels to windows to deter thieves.

2. Where should I apply it?

  • Test on an inconspicuous area or another similar surface before application.
  • Mark high-value, easily portable items that thieves can carry and sell on.
  • Avoid surfaces which are uneven or move. e.g. joints, hinges, slots and grills.
  • Avoid marking pristine surfaces, try and find inconspicuous and hidden areas that won’t spoil an items appearance.
  • ImmobiDot solution is white when wet but dries clear. Your uniquely coded microdots will appear as black specks.

3. How should I apply ImmobiDot?

  • Ensure all surfaces to be coded are clean, dry and free from grease, oil or dirt.
  • Shake the dispenser thoroughly for around 30 seconds, and occasionally whilst applying, to ensure that the microdots are evenly distributed through the forensic adhesive.
  • Unscrew the cap and remove the applicator brush from the dispenser.
  • A number of microdots will be trapped in the bristles of the brush. Dab the brush along the surface to be marked gently rotating it between your fingers.
  • Aim to apply to a number of areas of the item to be coded.
  • The liquid is white when applied but will become clear as it dries.
  • The coded microdots may show up as black specks, particularly on light surfaces. Try to apply in inconspicuous locations.
  • When finished, clean the threaded top of the bottle and replace cap securely.

4. You’ve marked your possessions, now register them on Immobilise

This final step is important as it ties the ImmobiDot’s unique code to you.

  • If you already have an Immobilise account simply go to and login, if you don’t you’ll need to follow the simple and quick online process to create an account. Go to:
  • For each possession marked with ImmobiDot you should register the item on Immobilise. When registering, complete all the relevant fields adding the ImmobiDot’s unique code as an identifier to each item.

Important safety notice

Please keep ImmobiDot out of reach of children and animals. ImmobiDot microdots are suspended in a water based forensic adhesive and although non-toxic, care should be taken not to drink or allow it to enter the eyes. In the event of contact with eyes they should be flushed with clean water. Some sensitive skin types may be irritated by contact with the adhesive. In the event of contact wash with soap and water.

Please note

We recommend you store your ImmobiDot solution in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and use it within 3 months of purchase.

How to register your valuables

1. Register your valuables on Immobilise

Bike shed

In a few easy steps you can register anything valuable on Immobilise. Our Free service is supported by the Police who use these records to identify owners of recovered property.

2. Marking your valuables

Almost anything can be, and is registered on Immobilise. Where possible an items unique serial number is recorded however these can often be easily tampered with and not all valuable possessions have one – where that is the case its simple to give an item a unique ID using some type of marking product or method such as etching or UV pen. Immobilise sells a range of marking products to help make it easier for Police to identify recovered property and return items to their rightful owners.

Two popular security marking products are:



This fully encompassing property marking kit is one of our most popular products and includes all the basics to get your property marked up, such as security tags, window stickers, UV marker pen and UV light and key fobs.

ImmobiMark product info



Protect your bicycle with the ImmobiTAG. Easily inserted into the seat post tube, providing your bike with its own unique tamper-proof ID. This patented RFID technology makes it possible to identify who owns a lost or stolen bike after police recovery.

ImmobiTag product info

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