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Fake TV Burglar Deterrent

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FakeTV is a new burglar deterrent that makes it look like someone is home watching television. FakeTV does this by recreating exactly the sort of light produced by a real HDTV. Viewed from outside the home after dusk, it looks like somebody must be watching television.

Most burglars will not break into an occupied house. Why risk prison? So, when a prowler sees that flickering glow that means someone is home watching TV, he knows to move on to an easier target. When you are away, FakeTV says "alive" far more than a lamp on a timer ever could. Buy a FakeTV and make your home an unappealing choice for a break-in.

- Built in light sensor and timer
- Small: about the size of a coffee cup
- Bright: light output equivalent to 27" HDTV
- Saves energy-- consumes just the power of a night-light.
- AC Adaptor included
- Simulates scene and color changes, fades, and on-screen motion

- Deters burglars
- Peace of mind while you are away
- Use any time you are gone for the evening
- Perfect for holidays
- Make it look like someone else must be home in the next room, even when you are alone
- Make a holiday home or vacant property look lived-in

How FakeTV Works
From outside a home after dusk, you do not see the television picture. You just see the flickering light filtering through the curtains. You probably assume someone is home watching TV. So does the would-be burglar. FakeTV does not make a picture, but makes the same sort of flickering light. It looks like someone must be home watching TV. The burglar is encouraged to move on to a house that looks unoccupied.

Why not just use a TV or light on a timer?
Although a good idea, lights on timers are common place and are not the deterrent they once used to be. If your TV has timer-on / off function then perhaps that is an option, however most don’t so simply won’t switch on when using a timer, plus in the age of ever more environmentally consciousness running even a modern LED TV unnecessarily is a waste of energy and money.

Using FakeTV could not be simpler. Place FakeTV where it will light up a room, but you cannot see the FakeTV unit itself from outside. A second floor room is ideal, but a first floor room with translucent shades or blinds works fine, too. Then, each evening at dusk FakeTV's built-in light sensor will turn the unit on. FakeTV turns off automatically after a switch-selectable time.

Burglars will almost always circle a home once before entering. They are looking for the easiest way in, and looking for signs of life. FakeTV gives them just those signs. Few burglars will enter a home that they think is occupied.
Fake TV Burglar Deterrent



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