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Our articles offer practical crime prevention and home security advice to best practice: from basic hints and tips to more detailed strategies.

Woman registering valuables on Immobilise using iPad

10 Crime Prevention Tips for the Festive Season

Whilst most see the festive period as a time for goodwill to all men, unfortunately – as anyone who has watched 'Home Alone' will know – thieves don't take annual leave. In fact, long winter nights, festive distractions and busier social calendars can offer burglars more opportunities...

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Lost mobile phone on the beach

Top 5 holiday items to register on Immobilise

Tourists can be a lucrative target for criminals, particularly in the case of theft. When travelling, you're more likely to be distracted by your new and unfamiliar environment and carry a lot of valuable personal belongings and possibly cash. We've listed our top 5 items...

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People using mobie devices

Think smart about mobile phone security

No one wants to think about losing their phone, but taking some precautionary measures may help in the event of loss or theft. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of phones do go missing each year, many of these are subsequently found by the owner. However according to Home Office...

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Man using garden lawnmower

Five top tips to keep your garden and shed secure

With the good weather and the longer daylight hours. Now is a good time to assess your garden and shed for vulnerabilities and make improvements. Analysis of ten years of claims data from Aviva, reveals that thefts from gardens and outbuildings shoot up by over...

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Business Assets

Register and protect your business assets and technology

Immobilise is not just for individuals. We're here to support small and medium enterprises too. You should register tools, fixtures and fittings, computers, phones, electronic or electrical components, retail stock - in fact, any item that your business owns...

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Collection of trade tools

Protecting trades' tools and depriving criminals of cash

All theft is distressing for the victim and often costly but perhaps none more so than tool theft from tradespeople. You've amassed the right tools for every job over several years then one day, they're all gone in an instant, stolen from a site, your van, or your workshop...

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Bicycle being stolen by theif

Useful tips to keep your bicycle safe and secure

In the UK, a bicycle is stolen on average every minute; with less than 5% of those returned as they're difficult for the Police to identify the owner. Current research suggests that cyclists are more likely to have their bicycles stolen than motorcyclists their motorcycle or car owners...

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Putting on the golf green

Protect your golf equipment against loss and theft

Stolen clubs are located everyday. All too often they cannot be returned simply because there is no record of who owns them. Registration deters theft, increases repatriation and may be the difference between a suspect being released by police or charged with theft...

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5 Items to Register in your Shed & Garage

5 Items to Register in your Shed & Garage

Immobilise isn’t just for mobile phones and gadgets – anything with a unique identifier can be registered (for free!) on the Immobilise database. The items hidden away in your garage or shed often get overlooked, but you can protect them too, taking steps to make it easier for you to be reunited...

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Collection of expensive electronics

The top 5 items most wanted by thieves

Thieves look to steal property they believe can be removed and easily sold-on! Especially if they cannot be traced back to the scene of the crime! Please give careful consideration to protecting the following types of valuables...

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