Intellectual Property

The Immobilise National Property Register is owned and operated by Recipero Ltd, providers of the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem.

Recipero is continually developing its systems and solutions to deliver the best services to our customers. To help protect our IP and the investment in our solutions we have several Trademarks and Patents including the ones detailed below.


Parts of Recipero’s services and products are protected by UK Patent Number GB2499679 entitled "Method of and apparatus for protecting user data".

Trade Marks

Recipero is protected by European Community Trade Mark Registration EU012994323.

Recipero’s Immobilise service logo is protected by European Community Trade Mark Registration EU012333225.

Other Recipero processes and service logos may be subject to international patent and/or trade mark applications please check this page regularly for updates. If you have any queries about the information above please contact us.

Use of the Immobilise brand

If you wish to make use of the Immobilise brand in anyway please contact our support team for guidence and permission.

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