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If you require help with using the immobilise system, or have a query not answered by this site, please visit our online support site where you are able to search knowledgebase articles and submit tickets to request support. Due to the free nature of the Immobilise service we are unable to offer support by phone.

If you find an item of property that is marked as being registered on Immobilise we recommend that you take it to your nearest lost property office or police station. They will be able to securely search against the item's unique identity numbers to make contact with the owner and reunite them with their property.

Alternatively enter the details of a recovered item using Immobilise Search and we’ll check the Immobilise database to try and contact the owner.

As well as marking your phone lost or stolen within your Immobilise account it is important that you immediately call your network operator to block the phone's IMEI and SIM. Until you notify your network operator and tell them of the loss / theft you may be liable for the cost of any calls made.

Details of the contact numbers for all networks operators are available on online support site.

Please note that although marking your phone as stolen within Immobilise will show up immediately on police searches, for insurance claims you will still need to report the theft to the police directly in order to obtain a crime reference number.

If you wish to write to us via post please use the details below:

Immobilise National Property Register
c/o Recipero Ltd
Watermoor Point
Watermoor Road
United Kingdom

Recipero is the provider of Immobilise, for more information about Recipero please visit our corporate website at

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