ImmobiGolf Security Marking Kit

Protect your Golf Equipment Against Theft

Stolen clubs are located everyday. All too often they cannot be returned simply because there is no record of who owns them. Registration deters theft, increases repatriation and may be the difference between a suspect being released by police or charged with theft. You can help traders, investigators, and insurers in the industry to help you. What's more it's completely FREE to register your clubs and any other property you want to protect on Immobilise.

Protect your Golf Equipment Against Theft

Safeguard your Clubs

Registered property needs to be readily identifiable to traders, police and finders. Most golf clubs have serial numbers on the head and shaft that can be registered. For those that don't and for additional enhancement a unique identification can be applied with a marking product.

Immobilise has created ImmobiGolf a marking kit specifically designed for golf equipment and can be purchased from American Golf, GolfClubs4Cash and

Golf bag security badge
ImmobiGolf Golf Equipment Security Marking Kit

ImmobiGolf Includes:

  • 20 x Serial Numbered Security Tags (40mm x 20mm) to mark and register your equipment on immobilise. Tags can be wrapped around the shaft of the club and if desired discreetly placed under the sleeve of the handle.
  • 4 x Window Stickers to make clear that your property is registered and protected helping to deter theft.
  • A Visual Deterrent Badge to attach to your golf bag or any other equipment.

How it Works

It is easy to protect your golf equipment with ImmobiGolf in a few simple steps.

ImmobiGolf Step 1

Step 1

Get your golf equipment to hand and locate any serial numbers. Apply your barcoded security tags and warning badge to your bag.

ImmobiGolf Step 2

Step 2

Login to your FREE Immobilise account and register the serial numbers of your clubs, barcoded security tags and any other unique markings.

ImmobiGolf Step 3

Step 3

If any item of your registered golf equipment is ever lost or stolen login to your account to alert police and trader systems.

ImmobiGolf Step 4

Step 4

When equipment is identified the police will notify the owner to arrange its return and any criminality investigated.

For Clubs, Retailers, Traders and Insurers

Protect your members and customers by encouraging registration on immobilise. There is no charge to you or them for joining in and spreading the message. For clubs we can provide deterrent messaging materials. While for traders and insurers, we provide services to help you avoid stolen property and to validate claims.

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