Promotional & Awareness Campaigns

As a police or public-facing organisation, promoting Immobilise is an effective step towards reducing property crime and creating safer communities. We understand the importance of effective promotion, which is why we offer a range of customisable resources designed to create awareness of the free Immobilise property register.

  • Promotional assets can be customised with your force or organisation's logo.
  • We can assist in customising and printing your materials or provide artwork to your own internal media team.
Immobilise Make Your Mark Station Sign

If You Love It Log It

For use of the If You Love Igt Log It promotional materials please contact us at:

If You Love It Log it DL Leaflet

DL Leaflet

If You Love It Log it Poster

A3 / A4 Posters

If You Love It Log it Crib Card

Crib Card (85x55mm)

Make Your Mark

For use of the Make Your Mark promotional materials please contact us at:

Make Your Mark DL Leaflet

DL Leaflet

Make Your Mark Poster

A3 / A4 Posters

Make Your Mark Video

Video MP4 (Editable)

Make Your Mark A5 Leaflet

A5 Leaflet

Make Your Mark Web Banner

Web Banners

Make Your Mark Social

Social Media

Register It, To Protect It

For use of the Register It, To Protect It promotional materials please contact us at:

Immobilise DL Leaflet

DL Leaflet

Immobilise Poster

A3 / A4 Posters

Immobilise Deterrent Signage

A3 / A4 Deterrent Signage

Immobilise Mobile DL Leaflet

DL Mobile Leaflet

Immobilise Bike DL Leaflet

DL Bicycle Leaflet

Immobilise Countertop QR Code Sign

A4 / A5 Countertop QR Code Signage

Marking & Security Products


To support your Immobilise campaign we can offer a range of marking and security products to register different valuables and deter theft.

  • Designed to work with
  • Free lifetime registration
  • Data searchable through the NMPR
  • Bulk purchases at reduced costs
  • Supports initiatives that encourage the registration of public assets

For more information visit:

RFID Scanner & Reader

To read the unique ID of the ImmobiBike and ImmobiTag products in order that they can be searched online you need a scanner that is capable of reading Trovan closed protocol tags. Immobilise uses a closed protocol tag in all its products as opposed to open protocol tags where the id of the tag can be tampered with or the number is not unique. This is necessary to support the evidential chain which is vital if the information is to be relied upon in court.

The scanner Immobilise sells is the LID560 read only scanner which comes with a custom antenna. Immobilise provide an antenna because no RF scanner can read through metal and as a result the aerial is used to read tags within bike frames by placing the antenna inside the bike's seat-post tube.

For pricing please email us with details of quantity required:

RFID Scanner Image